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“Research consists in seeing what everyone else has seen, but thinking what no one else has thought” - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
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Why take Research advice?

“To make sound investment decisions and target maximum returns”
  • Investing in the capital markets is a function of information and analytics
  • Adequate research before investing is essential to maintain a healthy portfolio
  • Risks have a strong correlation with research – the more in-depth the research, the lesser the risk
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Who Should follow Research advice?

“Everyone considering to invest or trade in different asset classes”
  • Beneficial forLong-term Investors
  • Short-term tradersto limit their losses on the daily and weekly basis
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Why take research advice from MSFL?

“Because We Persevere, Persist and Perform for YOU”
  • 25+ years of experience in capital market research and trading
  • Strong research team with double-digit experience in research and analysis
  • Weekly, Daily research report with forecast of trend and stocks
  • Timely entry and exit advice
  • Advice based on your financial goal
  • Good track record of the investment ideas

The Marwadi Merit

  • User-friendly investing and trading experience
  • Rational and timely Advice from our research experts
  • Dedicated client support and services
We Offer

What reports do we offer in Research advice?

Equity and Derivatives:

  • Daily Equity Advisory Reports: Offers technical view, F&O picks, Derivative Strategy, Corporate Event Calendar to keep you abreast with latest market and trading conditions.Our Expert researchers help you with cherry picking stocks for the next week
  • Weekly Reports:Provides derived value for F&O trends along with expert derivative strategies to follow for the upcoming week

Commodities and Currency:

  • Daily Commodity Advisory Report: Covers brief on the base metal, energy, bullion, agriculture, and weather news along with price points of various commodities traded globally. Our researchers also offer recommendations for trades in Indian commodity market
  • Weekly Report:In-depth coverage of weekly trends and recommendations in commodities and currencies. We also provide global macroeconomic data for the upcoming week

How do i get in touch?

Simply call or email us and we will have our MSFL representative get in touch with you

Note : Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. does client based and proprietary trading on various stock exchanges.