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Mutual Fund Distribution

Invest with Reliable Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform

  • Mutual funds offer individual investors access to professionally managed portfolio of various securties such as shares and bonds
  • Any entity facilitating buying and selling of units of mutual funds is known as mutual fund distributor
  • A mutual fund’s portfolio is structured to match investment objectives mentioned in its prospectus
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Why invest in Mutual Funds?

“To invest in capital markets with a disciplined approach”
  • To get investments managed by a finance professional
  • To diversify investment portfolio
  • Offers tax savings plans
  • Effective to build habit of savings and investments
  • Gains from economies of scale
  • Safe and steady income generation platform
  • Attractive returns over traditional investment tools like FD, PF, PPF, etc.
Who Should

Who should invest in Mutual Funds?

“Retail investors new to capital markets”
  • Suitable product for retail investors with limited financial knowledge
  • Preferably for new investors in the capital market
  • Investors looking to save tax and still make good returns on investments
  • Individuals looking to build wealth over a period of time
  • Investor looking for easy liquidity products
Invest in MSFL

Why Invest in Mutual Fund with MSFL?

“Because We Persevere, Persist and Perform for YOU”

MSFL offers a wide range of mutual funds to meet individual investment needs of our clients Our experts guide you on the various facets like quality of fund, returns, performance and outlook for every mutual fund

The Marwadi Merit

  • User-friendly investing and trading experience
  • Rational and timely advice from our research experts
  • Dedicated client support and services
We Offer

What do we offer in Mutual Funds?

  • Expert advice and helpful guidance by experienced professionals
  • Easy and convenient buying and selling of mutual funds under a single trading code
  • Periodical valuation of personalized mutual fund investments
  • Access daily information of NAV for all the mutual funds's schemes on our web portal
  • Real-time monitoring of investments
  • Timely switch from equity to debt and vice-a-versa as per market conditions

How Do I Get in touch?

Simply call or email us and we will have our MSFL representative get in touch with you

Note : Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. does client based and proprietary trading on various stock exchanges.