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Margin Funding

What is Margin Funding?

  • Margin funding is practice of using borrowed funds from a broker to trade in any financial securities, which forms as collateral for the loan from broker
  • Margin refers to the amount of funds that the trader has to personally invest from his/her own resources
  • The greater the volatility of the stock, the higher will be the margin requirement
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Why use Margin Funding?

  • Use of margin funding can potentially magnify gains for the trader
Who Should Margin

Who should do Margin Funding?

“Individuals and traders with high risk tolerance”
  • Useful product for Sophisticated and experienced traders
  • Suitable for high networth individuals with high risk appetite
  • Good option for short-term traders and investors
MSFL Trading

Why have Margin Funding facility with MSFL?

“Individuals and traders with high risk tolerance”
  • MSFL offers easy margin trading facility
  • Provide competitive interest rate for availing facility
  • Facilitates to leverage in cash and derivatives trading against highly liquid securities approved by exchange

The Marwadi Merit

  • User-friendly investing and trading experience
  • Rational and timely advice from our research experts
  • Dedicated client support and services
  • Trading facility available across all platforms - Desktop, Web, Mobile and Tablet
We Offer

What do we offer in Margin Funding?

  • Best competitive interest rates for margin Funding facility
  • Single window for equity and derivatives trading in NSE and BSE
  • 25+ years of experience, and expertise
  • Well equipped research advice to hedge your investments in safe and timely manner
  • Trading facility available across all platforms - Desktop, Web, Mobile and tablet

How Do I Get in touch?

Simply call or email us and we will have our MSFL representative get in touch with you

Note : Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. does client based and proprietary trading on various stock exchanges.