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IPO Distribution

IPO Distribution Process

  • An initial public offering or IPO is a process where company issues shares for the very first time and invites the public to invest in the company
  • Companies raise equity capital for expansion purposes
  • A company can also issue an offer for sale (OFS) to its existing shareholders
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Why invest in IPOs?

“For gaining higher returns on your investments”
  • Offers a good opportunity to net higher returns in short-term
  • Opportunity of owning company shares at the lowest price
  • A chance to be part of a growth story of company issuing shares
Who Should

Who Should invest in IPOs?

“Individuals and institutions looking to book short-term gains”
  • IPOs are subscribed by institutional investors to be part of growth story
  • Can be beneficial for retail investors or traders in short-term
  • Good option for long-term investors to buy shares without paying brokerage
Invest in MSFL

Why invest in IPO with MSFL?

“Because We Persevere, Persist and Perform for YOU”

At MSFL, we guide you in the IPO space with a 360-degree coverage : information of upcoming IPOs, their prospects, their valuation, etc

  • Research advice on IPO
  • Easy and fast IPO application process
  • Timely update of IPO application status

The Marwadi Merit

  • User-friendly investing and trading experience
  • Rational and timely advice from our research experts
  • Dedicated client support and services
We Offer

What services do we offer for IPOs?

  • Pre-printed forms with applicant's details
  • Expert advice on IPOs by experienced professionals
  • Distribution and collection of forms up to 7pm
  • New Demat account opening within 24 hours for IPO investors
  • Allotment information in the demat account via SMS
  • Telephonic inquiry of demat balance
  • Execution of Trades through Speed-e and ideas

How do I get in touch?

Simply call or email us and we will have our MSFL representative get in touch with you

Note : Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. does client based and proprietary trading on various stock exchanges.