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We are not just building a partnership, we are growing our business boundaries. Grab the opportunity and be an associated partner of Marwadi Financial Services to enhance your futuristic business notion.

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Why Marwadi Financial Services?

With the advent of the growing Indian economy, capital markets are multiplying untapped opportunities. Only 2.5% of the Indian population is associated with the capital markets today. This means that in the Indian market the Business opportunities in the financial industry/sector are yet to be explored! Financial inclusion is an essential enabler for a developing economy like India. Tap this opportunity and advance India’s financial inclusion journey.

We are inviting you to join our vibrant & triumphant Associated Partner’s network and take advantage of the magnificent opportunity waiting for you.

Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. is an organization that firmly believes in working closely with our partners and building an ecosystem that resonates with our core values of Integrity, Passion, Holistic, Inclusive and Curiosity.

Keeping in mind our strict adherence to our code of conduct, we value transparency, the highest standard of ethics and integrity in doing business.In the coming years, we hope to continue innovating together and exceeding the emerging needs of our customers. We look forward to continuing serving our customers with leading best in class services and empowering them to achieve more through you.

Benefits of being an associated partner with Marwadi Financial Services(MSFL);

  • You can join our associated partner network and be an entrepreneur for less than Rupees One Lac investment.
  • As a partner, you can operate your business at the convenience of your own home, with minimum Infrastructure and capital expenditure.
  • Goodwill of Marwadi as a brand for 28+ years.
  • End-to-end user-friendly services and training sessions for partner onboarding.
  • Best-in-class support services to serve clients better.
  • Opportunity to earn a minimum of INR, 50,000/- to INR. 1,00,000/- per month as per your ability and potential.

What are you waiting for? Join our Associated Partner network now and begin your entrepreneurial journey today!










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